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APDA's Pre-Professional Program is an intense audition-only program for focused dancers who want to pursue serious training. Designed to parlay dancers into a post-school career or education, this program focuses on ballet technique, performance, pas de deux training, and artistry. Dancers at this level must have proper body facility, flexibility, strength, and musicality as well as have at least one year of pointe work.

Dancers in this level are given summer intensive recommendations, help with audition prep, resume support, and residential program advice and guidance.

Dancers in the Pre-Professional Program take ballet, contemporary, and Chinese folk dance. They are expected to attend rehearsals and additional classes as needed. Dancers may be invited to participate in competitions such as Universal Ballet Competition, World Ballet Competition, YAGP, and more. Selections for competitions are made by the teachers, and students may not participate outside of the APDA program.

Please note this is not a residential program at this time.

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