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Class of 2016

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Monika Eisenheim.jpg
Monika Eisenheim

I, like many little girls, have had the wonderful opportunity of studying the art of dance for 15 years now, and I couldn’t imagine a life without it. It has been a blessing to study under such a diverse group of teachers. Locally, I have been able to inspire and teach young aspiring dancers as a mission in my church and community. I am so thankful to have been a part of this community, thankful for having such a supportive family, and thank God so much for giving me this gift of dance to share and shine His light.

Lily Ge.jpg
Lily Ge

I’ve been dancing for as long as I remember, and I’ve definitely molded to my pointe shoes as much as they have to me. I love that I can watch myself grow stronger and more flexible every year. And dance has quite literally taken me so many places over the years. I’ve met amazing people through this studio, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities it’s afforded me. Although I may hang up my pointe shoes this May, ballet has helped me realize the power of hard work and the gifts that come with saying goodbye.

Kathryn Jian.jpg
Kathryn Jian

I have been dancing with APDA for 12 years now. Dancing has allowed me to be part of an incredible family and build lifelong friendships. Although I have never been the star student, dance has also taught me the importance and value of teamwork and how to dance as one with others. The amazing experiences we had as Jasmine Flowers were unforgettable and have helped me mature and become the person I am today. I do hope to continue dancing in college, maybe trying out new genres such as hip-hop.

Belinda Jiang.jpg
Belinda Jiang

I have been dancing at APDA since I was a teeny tiny toddler, and I can honestly say that every year spent at this studio has played a huge part in my personal development. Through the years, my experiences at APDA have built my resilience, patience, and teamwork skills. The opportunities from APDA, such as America’s Got Talent, have been such a thrill; however, the biggest blessing of all is the formation of an amazing, tight-knit sisterhood. Thank you to my mentors and dance family and the tremendous role you’ve played in my life!

Jessica Li.jpg
Jessica Li

I love dance. It has helped me meet new people and make new friends, honed my resilience, and opened so many opportunities for personal growth that I could never have imagined. I am who I am today because I have stuck with dance, because I have chased this passion relentlessly. The beauty of dance is more than just the lines we see; it is the magic that seeps from conceiving, creating, and cultivating lines that speak, the sparkle that shines in dancers who make the world their stage—who, like me, love to dance.

Ting Li.jpg
Ting Li

I’ve had so many great experiences from the past nine years at APDA. Not only have I learned how to dance, I have also learned life lessons from the people I can always call my second parents. From Mr. Wei’s fishing analogies to Ms. Jenny’s tough love, I would not give up these memories for anything. Even though I am leaving in a few months, I will remember these lessons I’ve learned for the rest of my life. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am today and I hope to continuously exceed in the future with these traits.

Jessica Ma.jpg
Jessica Ma

Over the past 10 years, dance has become so much more than a hobby to me, and it has taught me so  much more than plies and tendus. What began as a casual after-school activity is now an essential part of who I am, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the doors that dance has opened for me. This studio is my second home, and my teachers and teammates are my second family. I may be leaving APDA to embark on a new journey, but I know I will walk away with enough beautiful memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

Debby Song.jpg
Debby Song

Throughout the last 12 years, dance has worn the mask of many roles. Dance has been a strict disciplinarian, a foe to conquer through sweat and tears, an instigator of stress and worry. Yet, dance has also played the part of an inspirational muse, a friend pushing me to expand my comfort zone, an untouchable safe haven, and most importantly, the source of some of my best and happiest memories. I will always be grateful to APDA for the lessons I’ve learned, and will always cherish the bonds that have been created there.

Annie Su.jpg
Annie Su

From the time I started pointing my little, 10-year old toes, I never would have imagined the places I would go with my dance family. From Georgia to New York to China, we have danced across the world, our fans and hearts synchronizing to an iconic tempo. Each performance has a backdrop of sweat, conditioning, and endless rehearsals. But the struggle is worthwhile because I have gleaned the value of hard work, self-expression, and confidence. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my dance teachers and dance family! Words can’t fully justify my gratitude.

Nancy Ton.jpg
Nancy Ton

I have been dancing since I was four and it has always been a passion of mine. I can always rely on dance to help me be free, and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I am so thankful that my mother urged me to try dancing. It has taught me perseverance, and because of this, I constantly strive to be better. Dance has also allowed me to meet many amazing people. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful group of dance friends, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to share this incredible dance journey with.

Sarah Wang.jpg
Sarah Wang

My experience here at APDA has given me confidence, poise, and grace that will follow me for a lifetime. Training in the classical ballet and Chinese folk dance ever since age seven not only cultivated within me a passion for dance, but also a sincere desire to utilize dance as an outlet for personal expression. With all of the hard work we put in for Jasmine Flowers,  we have really become a family. It is such a blessing to have been a part of this bond and this amazing experience, and I will cherish the memories I’ve made here at APDA forever.

Jenny Zhang.jpg
Jenny Zhang

Dancing at APDA has given me a family to spend long Friday nights with, a group of teachers who have mentored me through everything from correct tendu technique to boy trouble, and unforgettable memories from travelling the world together. I cannot thank the teachers enough for all the time and effort that have put in shaping me into the person I am today. As I embark on this new chapter of my life, I will always remember that when in doubt, “keep your dancer’s face up and stay confident!”

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