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Intermediate Ballet is for the dancer with classical ballet training and the body facility for ballet. This group is broken into three smaller levels - 3A, 3B, and 3C. Placement in each level is based on evaluation or audition. Students should expect to spend more than one year in at least one of the levels. This is done to give students the opportunity to fine tune technique and body movement. 

Students in this level may have the opportunity to also take character, jazz or hip hop, and Chinese Folk Dance. Placement in these classes is based on levels, facility, and teacher input. Pointe work is typically introduced in 3A where most students are between ages 11-13. Students are not permitted to go on pointe without teacher evaluation and approval.

Students may be selected to participate in any number of competitions such as Universal Ballet Competition, World Ballet Competition, YAGP, and more. These decisions are made by the teachers only, and parents may not participate in these as independents. All students at this level perform in the annual Dance Festival held in the spring.

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