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Atlanta Professional Dance Academy offers exceptional training for students at all levels. Each program is designed to be both developmentally appropriate and an opportunity for growth. Our program has a very technical foundation so that students don't progress without having the skills required in the previous level. Students are moved throughout the levels only after evaluations have been performed and the teachers recommend a child for promotion. 


APDA has students divided into three major levels:

  • Ballet for the Littles - This is for students between the ages of five and eight who are new to ballet. 

  • Intermediate Ballet - This group of students range in age from eight to thirteen, with exceptions at both ends of the age range. Promotion to this group is by teacher evaluation only. New students must audition for acceptance and placement.

  • Pre-Professional Ballet - This level is reserved for students who are ready for intense and dedicated ballet training. Students must audition for placement in this level whether they are new or returning students.

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