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Meet the Seniors

Rory Pan.JPG

“I have spent ten years of my life growing up alongside beautiful ballerinas, watching and uplifting each other. My classmates are my sisters, and Atlanta Professional Dance Academy is my home. Our studio is a bustling workplace, teeming with hearty laughter and thoughtful silence that persist after our rehearsals end. The coming-of-age process in the ballet world taught me how to draw power from my insecurities and to be lavish in my praise for others. With dance as a connecting force, students can see the value in their stories—in the larger story of people. It is a story that must be celebrated for its diversity, yet undeniable affinity. I am forever grateful for APDA for teaching me to explore, to leave myself at the studio’s doors; I can be anyone on the dance floor.”

- Rory Pan

Melinda Gong.JPG

“As the former principal dancer, I have devoted my nights to dancing, learning, and growing at APDA, a place that has become home.  In the studio, I fell in love with ballet’s strict erudition and perfectionism, and performing on stage, I felt alive in those single fleeting moments. I would not be where I am today without my teachers, who have instilled in me an honest, whole-hearted devotion that I’ll apply to everything I do in my future. Thank you, Ms. Jenny and Mr. Wei—APDA will always be home to my heart.“

- Melinda Gong

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